The story Oy RVS Technology Ltd.

Stories tend to change over the ages. This is, however, the original and genuine story as told of the "top secret-coded" technology released from the Russian Army chambers some time between1992 and 1994, following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As many radical innovations RVS Technology was found coincidentally in connection with a totally different project.

In mid 1970's massive drilling works were carried out in the Murmansk region in Russia. The drill head reached an amazing and highly considered world record depth of over 12 km. During this drilling puzzling and revolutionary phenomenon occurred, however, at the time the attention raised was more silent and selective.

The story tells that unlike ever before, in the depth of 6 to 7 kilometers there surprisingly enough was no need to change the drill head. It stayed sharp for 5 to 7 times longer than it normally would. A conclusion was made that there had to be something in the layers of the rocky soil that caused this effect.

Typical for those times, the discovery ended up to be one of the Russian military research programs. A research team of recognized scientists was established in order to study the phenomenon. The minerals and components found were basically similar to those used in the early manufacturing process of the compound later called RVS Technology.

The wide exploitability and benefits of the detected effects were understood and mapped out soon. The major problems faced with the early stage RVS Technology compound were the cleaning process of the compound, application methods, control of the microscopic reactions and the stability of the formed "ferrosilicate" (the early stage name) layers on the treated surface.