Industrial applications

The RVS Technology® can be used in a large variety of applications in industry. Bearings, gearings, and compressors of different kinds (if at least one of the surfaces contains iron) are the easiest objects to treat, but a person acquainted with the technology does not fear treating rails or guides of turning machines, for instance.

If there is a lubrication problem caused by heat or water, the RVS Technology® can help you to solve the problem. Once the contact surfaces have been treated and the surface structure of the metal has been modified, occasional contact with water or high temperature circumstances are no longer a similar threat for the mechanism.

Operation reliability is a major aim of mechanical maintenance. A breakdown of a single bearing may stop a whole production line. By using the RVS Technology®, you can improve the reliability and reduce costs related to shut-downs. Simultaneously, you can reduce energy and spare part costs as well.

We sometimes say that if you claim you do not have problems with lubrication or wear, we can show them to you. One is often used to the current situation that a certain bearing must be replaced after every three months or so, and sometimes it just breaks forcing the production line to stop. Most often the reason can, however, be identified.