General product questions 

1. Is RVS Technology just another oil additive?

Answer: No! Unlike oil additives on the market, RVS Technology® products produce a nano-ceramic layer that intgrates with the metal friction surfaces of your engine, transmission, differential etc. That's why it lasts for 40,000mi/60,000km and oil changes do not affect it. The idea of oil additives is to improve the oil properties and have to be re-applied at every oil change

2. How long does an RVS Technology® treatment last?

Answer: It varies depending on brand/ driver/driving/usage conditions, but typically a treatment lasts 60,000 miles/100,000km in cars, 30,000mi/50,000km or 1,500 hours in motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles, farm equipment, machinery, etc. When used to treat firearms, the born ceramic surface protects the barrel for about1000 rounds fired.

3. Do I need to re-apply RVS Technology® at every oil change?

Answer: No! As mentioned above, our products react directly with the metal components, forming a ceramic layer that is durable and that becomes integral part of the metal components. Oil changes do not affect the RVS Technology® treatment.

4. Is it possible and safe to retreat the engine, transmission etc. before 60,000 miles/100,000 km run after the RVS treatment?

Answer: Yes, retreatment with RVS is possible and safe whenever you want to retreat your engine or other devices.

5. Can RVS Technology® be used in vehicles with synthetic oil?

Answer: Yes. RVS Technology® is fully compatible with all types of oils.

6. How do I know what is the right product for me?

Answer: Our products are categorized by the oil capacity of the device you are treating. If your engine holds 4qts/liters of oil, you need a G4 treatment. If it holds 5, you need the next highest number - G6. An automatic transmission with 6qts/liters of ATF needs a T6A, and so on. If you are unsure of the fluid capacities of your particular vehicle, they can usually be found in your owner's manual, or on the Ol Capacity table on our web page or you can simply contact us and we will find it out for you!

7. How much fuel will I save after the RVS Technology treatment?

Answer: The achievable saving depends on many variable parameters, like on the history, condition and mileage of the vehicle, maintenance history of the vehicle, operation conditions, driver habbits etc. According to institutional tests (TÜV Süd Test Report) customer feed back and thousands of experiences the fuel saving is 5% to 12%. Even higher savings have been reported.

8. Does RVS Technology have an effect on CO₂ and other harmful emissions?

Answer: Yes! RVS Technology reduces harmful emissions very effectively. CO₂ emissions alone decrease at least as much as the fuel consumption decreases.

9. Can your products clog my oil filter/passages inside my engine or transmission?

Answer: No. The sizes of the active particles of our products are smaller than the passages inside your oil filter and cannot clog it, nor can it build up inside it.

10. Do you sell RVS Technology under other brand names?

Answer: No, only as RVS Technology! If somebody sells products claiming they are RVS Technology under aother brandname, you can be sure it is an imitation, elligally trying to benefit of our reputation, IP, tests etc. RVS Technology is a registered and globally protected trademark and brandname and RVS is a protected acronym on this technology branch. Nobody else can use it legally.