CASE: Finnish ThermoWood Ltd (Suomen Lämpöpuu Oy), Finland

Juhani Vainionpää, MD JMV-Tuote, Teijo Toivonen, MD Finnish ThermoWood:

After few hours of operation from the RVS Treatment a reduction of 5% was noticed in the energy consumption of the engine driving the treated fan. This is significant as only one bearing (the one inside the oven) of the total 4 bearings of the axle/engine line of the fan was treated with RVS-grease-mixture.

13.5 weeks from RVS Treatment the bearing finally got stuck. The life of the bearing had increased 4-5-fold. When the bearing was disassembled, we found that the steel dial ring of the bearing was wrecked and the rollers of the bearing had turned into wrong position thus jammed, which finally
stuck the bearing. One could see by naked eye that a transparent, class-like and very smooth surface structure had been built on the friction zones of the inner and outer circumferences of the bearing (on the right in the pic). It’s obvious that the bearing would have lasted much longer still, if not the
dial ring was damaged and destroyed.


Treated bearing: 2-row SKF CARB Toroid roller bearing type C2215K (external diameter 130mm).

Download the complete Report from this link: Case Finnish ThermoWood